Questions of Common Errors (Test - 1)

Directions: Find out which part of a sentence has an error.

1. After toiling very hard (A)/ over a long period (B)/ he found (C)/ he had hardly made no profit at all. (D)/ No Error. (E)

2. Two first (A)/chapters of this (B)/ book are (C)/very interesting. (D)/ No Error. (E)

3. Sandeep seem to be (A)/ one of those who (B)/ don’t like to study (C)/ in spare time. (D)/ No Error. (E)

4. The team will (A)/ take a time of (B)/ four and a half (C)/ year to complete the task. (D)/ No Error. (E)

5. With more fire cases reported (A)/ during the summer season, the department has decided (B)/ not to sanction long leaves,(C)/ unless the staff has a emergency (D)/ No error (E)

6. Almost all colours available in market (A)/ are sold as ‘herbal’ colours (B)/ while the packets hardly have detailed (C)/ about the ingredients used in it (D)/ No error (E)

7. The beauty of the palace comes alive (A)/ when over a lakh bulb (B)/ are switched on between 7pm and 7.45pm (C)/ on specific days (D)/ No error (E)

8. More and more cab driver is coming to the regional transport office (RTO) (A)/ to obtain identity cards (B)/ after the transport office intensified action against errant drivers (C)/ in the last couple of months (D)/ No error (E)

9. Meera was planning to (A)/ go through the serial (B)/ of lectures in (C)/ her department from tomorrow. (D)/ No Error. (E)

10. That park is located (A)/ in the outskirt of (B)/ the city that is (C)/ the capital of this place. (D)/ No Error. (E)

11. The weather of Darjeeling (A)/ seems to be very (B)/ pleasant for the tourists (C)/ of that place. (D)/ No Error. (E)

12. It is such (A)/ wonderful painting (B)/ that attracts everyone who (C)/ comes here. (D)/ No Error. (E)

13. They who never study (A)/ properly do not get (B)/ ways to achieve (C)/ their goals. (D)/ No Error. (E)

14. The train did not (A)/ reach its destiny (B)/ on time though it (C)/ was running fast. (D)/ No Error. (E)

15. Maya and Riya want to (A)/ buy some accessory (B)/ for doing their practical (C)/ in the examination. (D)/ No Error. (E)

16. Between(a)  /you and I, the secretary(b) / is not a gentleman.(c)/ No error (d) 

17.  One should (a) /do your duty(b) / honestly ad sincerely.(c) /No error (d)

18.  Good students(a)/ like you and he(b)/ should study regularly.(c)/ No error (d) 

19.  You , he and I(a)/  are (b) /in the wrong.(c)/ No error (d)

20.   Only (a) / you and him(b)/  can do this work fast.(c)/ No error (d) 

21.    If I were him,(a)/ I would not misbehave (b)/ like this.(c) / No error(d) 

22.    Everyone announced (a)/ one's plans in(b)/  the presence of the President.(c)/ No error (d) 

23.    She helped everyone (a) / of those boys(b)/  in doing their work.(c)/ No error (d) 

24.     Every(a) / teacher and every student (b) / should do their duty.(c)/ No error (d) 

25.  Neither of the boys (a)/  has (b)/ submitted their records.(c)/ No Error (d). 

26.  She availed of (a)/ the(b)/ opportunity.(c)/ No error (d) 

27. Those two (a)/ companies always (b)/ help one another.(c)/ No error (d) 

28.  India and Pakistan (a)/ should cooperate with(b)/  one another in this matter.(c)/ No error (d)

29.   Dear students , (a) / enjoy(b)/  during the holidays.(c)/ No error (d) 

30.   The committee were (a)/divided in its opinion (b)/ regarding this issue. (c) / No error (d)

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